Juneteenth, Captain Roberts

By Captain Tabitha Roberts

Juneteenth is not a black holiday. It is an American holiday. It was a day that American leadership sought to get it right for all enslaved people. It might have been a few people that were okay with slavery but let us not forget those who fought and died for freedom. Let us not forget the soldiers who sought after those who were still enslaved to tell them they are now liberated.

What is different from today? Racism still exists. There are still some who do not see the problem and are who are okay with how things are but let us not forget those who are out there taking a stand for equality. Let us not forget those who are out there fighting for my beautiful brown-skinned children and my beautiful brown-skinned kids at my church.

Juneteenth is for all of us. Let us not say just with our lips we are for equality. Let those who are able to do something, say with action, we are for equality. Let us keep fighting boldly for equality for all people (color, class, and gender)!

Captain Tabitha Roberts from The Salvation Army of Charlotte Belmont, Charlotte, North Carolina.

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