​It’s Still Easter In Charleston, SC

The calendar says it is May—the third month of self-quarantining—but to struggling families in Charleston, SC, it’s still Easter. The Christian holiday most loved for rebirth and renewal remains a positive symbol of hope amid economic and emotional despair.

That is because of a massive donation from World Market of Easter candies, unfilled baskets, and decorations.

“At first we had volunteers make up Easter baskets to distribute to our corps members and their families,” explains Captain Jason Burns. “We also took care of our Boys & Girls Club members, as we continue to stay in contact with our kids throughout this crisis.”

But that effort hardly put a dent in the amount of candy on hand.

“So, we went on making baskets for families in the community.”

Captain Burns says that families struggling with quarantined school-aged children have been very receptive to the extended holiday celebration.

“It seems that the parents are just as happy and their children to receive this treat,” he adds.

Post-Easter distribution was through the local Department of Human Services, where that agency’s Child Welfare Division made sure every foster care child received a basket of candy.

Captain Burns and his staff then contacted other partner agencies through which many other children were reached with Easter joy. Following that, local companies contacted The Salvation Army to take care of their furloughed employees with children.

With pallets-full of Easter candy still remaining, candy is distributed to families and individuals coming daily to the Army’s administrative building for hot meals and food boxes.

“It seems a ‘favorite’ among many of our homeless men are the dark chocolate bunnies,” Captain Burns says with a chuckle.

Even Captains Jason & Bethany Burns and their staff and volunteers have been loving this extended Easter celebration. Playing the part of the “Easter Bunny” has been providing great delight during the half-month following the actual Easter holiday date.

“It’s been wonderful to know the know that the donation to us by World Market has brought so much joy to so many during this time of extreme chaos and seclusion because of the Coronavirus,” Captain Burn says.

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