Food Delivery to Seniors

“Shelter in place”, “Stay at home”, “Social Distancing”, words and phrases we have all gotten used to over the last few weeks as COVID-19 sweeps the nation. A virus without a treatment, cure, or vaccine has sent millions home and forced them to stay there. For many of our older neighbors, it is a hardship leading to hunger and loneliness.

To meet that need, Captains David and Raquel Lorenzo of The Salvation Army of Greater Winston-Salem Citadel Worship and Service Center, have begun a home food delivery service to neighborhood of seniors who have no transportation and are facing food insecurity. The program began on Tuesday, April 7, and, from the reactions of the recipients, it’s just what they needed. Veronica Sheppard, first on the delivery schedule, is a regular member of the Citadel Senior Programs, enjoying the classes, day trips, and physical activities (chair volleyball is her favorite!). When the Lorenzos and staff member pulled up in front of Ms. Sheppard’s apartment in The Salvation Army Mobile Feeding Unit (canteen), she was outside waiting for them.

“It’s a blessing”, she says. “Out here, helping other people, you see my neighbors there, they need help too. It’s a blessing from God. And you can’t beat that!”

The next stop on the day was only a couple doors down from Ms. Sheppard. Jo Huffman is familiar with The Salvation Army but has never needed services, until now. She says, “Being thought of at this time, when we’re all trying to unite, it’s absolutely a blessing. It means everything.”

The morning rolled on and so did The Salvation Army canteen. Upon completing the day’s deliveries, Captain David Lorenzo reflected on the first day of the program, “They needed our help. This is what we do.” Meeting human need in Jesus’ name without discrimination, it’s what The Salvation Army does.

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