An Urgent Delivery

Late on a Friday afternoon, the phone rang at The Salvation Army of Greater Winston-Salem. A teenage girl was calling on behalf of her mom.

“Do you have a food pantry? My mom is disabled, we don’t have transportation, and we are nearly out of food. We need help,” she explained.

It's not every day that you receive a call from a teenager needing food. It's unprecedented times, and more calls of those in dire need are coming in. It was also late in the day which meant that the food pantry was closed for the weekend. The Salvation Army employees knew that they couldn't let this wait until Monday, they had to do something now. They took down the family's information and got to work.

They packed a box of food that would last the family a week and drove to their home to deliver it.

Upon arrival, they found that the family included the mother and three children, one of whom was a young girl with autism. The mom said the girl was in the habit of going to the refrigerator for snacks and for the last couple days had become very agitated when she found the refrigerator was empty.

“We are so happy you came by. We are almost totally out of food and didn’t know what we were going to do,” the mom told The Salvation Army employees.

The Salvation Army will continue to answer the call, because as long as the need exists so does the work of our organization. In this time of national emergency, social distancing, fear, and uncertainty, it is more important than ever that the most vulnerable of our neighbors know they have a trusted place they can rely upon. The Salvation Army will always be ready to listen and to serve when the call comes in.

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