Greensboro Salvation Army Creates Mobile Food Bank

On Thursday, March 26, 2020, The Salvation Army of Greensboro began its normal Food Bank process of delivering food to those in need, but nothing about the process was normal. As Briana, Resident Lead Case Manager for The Salvation Army of Greensboro’s Center of Hope, pushed a cart full of bags, she struggled to get the cart off the curb onto the parking lot pad. Normally this process was not in the standard procedures for the Greensboro Food Bank, but with the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Greensboro location created a new system that continues to allow those most vulnerable to receive food and comfort.

“As we were seeing the COVID-19 Pandemic hit Greensboro, we developed a plan that allows us to deliver food in a manner that works with these new social-distancing principles. People are able to approach a table, give their information and safely walk away with the items most needed. Each of our staff have been trained to safely communicate and deliver the needed materials while assisting others and allowing a connection in a world where connections are becoming more and more difficult,” says Briana.

As with every Tuesday and Thursday, a line began to form, and many faces solemn and stressed turned into smiles as they were able to walk away with the needed supplies. Hearts were lifted and words of kindness and encouragement were given to each individual.

Captain Matt Hedgren, Corps Officer for the Greensboro location was loading bags into cars and said, “We do this because the need is so great, and even though it has become more difficult, we do not stop. We must carry on because if The Salvation Army simply stopped, families would go hungry. Just because this virus has landed here, that does not mean life stops. It means we must continue to fight for good in order to do the most good.”

With the COVID-19 Pandemic at it’s doorstep, the Greensboro location continues to serve the city. The food pantry has become an even more essential tool due to the increase demand from so many who have recently lost jobs due to the virus. Not only that, but the Center of Hope in Greensboro has also self-quarantined due to the pandemic. Although no signs of the virus have demonstrated itself, this step was taken due to the high-risk residents currently living in the Center. This has also created an additional strain on the Food Bank. Thankfully, area supporters have taken steps to provide additional resources. But the need is great, and additional resources are in high demand.

The Salvation Army of Greensboro is uniquely positioned to support children in need, especially during these winter months. Our network of trained staff and volunteers are available for all those who wish to do the most good for this new decade and beyond.

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