The Jones Family vs. The Paycheck

People often ask "When we put money in the Red Kettle, who does it help?" It's a good question and the answer isn't always obvious. Generally, people know that The Salvation Army does good work at Christmas, helping families provide the best possible Christmas for their children. People know about our stores but it isn't always clear to the general public where those resources might go.

Meet the Jones Family.

Sometimes, the struggles that people encounter aren't directly the result of choices that they make. Sometimes, hard-working people get laid off. Sometimes, unfortunate things happen and families experience a perfect storm of circumstances that leave them facing difficulties.

The Jones family. Mom and Dad both lost their jobs and soon found themselves relying on assistance programs to support their family.They found themselves caught in a vicious cycle. Without a paycheck, many of the assistance programs said they were unable to help the Jones family. Without assistance programs helping, there was no way to pay rent.

"It was like running into a brick wall, over and over again."

You can see how life could quickly become difficult. For the Jones, even though they were looking for work, it was extremely hard to find a job. The family didn't qualify for child care to allow mom to work but without a job they couldn't pay for child care.

Every day, over 40 million Americans fight battles just like this one. When you support The Salvation Army by placing money in our Red Kettles, you help them win. You help them find some of the support that they need to get back on their feet and reestablish themselves.

You help families provide child care, so they can work, so they can afford to lift themselves slowly out of the poverty cycle.

This Christmas, when you hear our bells and pass our Red Kettles around town, think about the Jones family. Think about how much they want to just get back to working hard and providing for their children. Think about how hard their fighting against the forces that seem to be keeping them down.

Help them win the battle.

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