The Whole World Mobilising

What would it be like if real people were motivated by their love for God to make a difference in the lives of the people they encountered every day? What if you and I lived out our faith in practical and impactful ways? This is the idea behind The Salvation Army's international initiative: The Whole World Mobilising.

The Salvation Army lives out its mission as an organization in battle against the forces of evil. This idea even carries through to the very language we use to describe ourselves and our efforts. Our leadership are known as officers and have ranks like Captain and Commissioner. Those who choose to worship at The Salvation Army are known as soldiers and many choose to wear a uniform to show this level of commitment. The leader of The Salvation Army around the world is even known as the General.

As an international movement, The Salvation Army has followers in every corner of the globe. We are as diverse an organization as the communities in which we serve. What we share in common though is a love for people ultimately motivated by a love for God. The current General, André Cox, envisions a world where Salvationists make daily, meaningful contributions to the communities around them – a world where love is a transformational force.

And it's working. All around the world, there are stories of real impactful service being carried out on a daily basis. You can participate too. The Salvation Army has launched a website and social platform where you can see the ways that lives are being changed all around the world.

To get started, go to There you can find out all the ways you can participate, read about the ways that Salvationists are making a difference, and share your own ideas and difference you are making!

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