Spring is Our Season

This time of year is one of my favorites. Even though we didn’t exactly have a cold winter here in the Carolinas this year, there is something rejuvenating about when the weather turns the corner and begins to warm up. Plants begin to grow again. Flowers start to bloom.

It’s about new life.

For those of us that find great meaning in helping others, it’s also a reminder that there is no one who is so far gone that can’t be transformed by kindness. Each individual has their own story and they’ve made their own choices. But, regardless of the way those stories unfold, people deserve love and respect. People want to know that they matter to someone.

That’s the message that we ultimately want to share with people – that they matter. They matter to us. When it can feel like no one else sees them, when they feel ignored, or dehumanized, having someone come alongside who respects them and genuinely cares can be so powerful. Compassion can be so powerful – not just because it meals a warm meal on a cold day – because it can restore a person’s dignity. It can make them feel like they matter again.

We also want people to know that they matter to Jesus. The compassion that we share is important not only because it helps people feel like they matter to another person. Sometimes, it can feel like a message from heaven. The love that The Salvation Army shares bubbles up from a love for Jesus and a desire to live lives modeled after His own.

When He restored vision to the blind.

When He calmed the storm with just a word.

When He knelt beside the woman caught in adultery and gave her the dignity of a second chance.

This is the love that motivates us. We believe that Jesus Christ had a heart for those at the margins – those most in need. He helped create for them the conditions where they were no longer tangled by weeds but in fertile soil that would finally let them grow and to reach their full potential.

That’s what we love. Compassion. Potential. Rebirth. You might think of us during Christmastime, but Spring is our season!

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