If you knew you could make a difference, would you try? If you could choose the way to impact those in your community who were most in need of help, what would that be?

This year, The Salvation Army has launched #RedKettleReason – an opportunity for you to choose how you can best make a difference in the community in which you live. With all of the ways that The Salvation Army helps, it can be easy to lose sight that, without your help, we simply could not serve.

When you choose to help to Make Christmas Possible, to Feed the Hungry, to Shelter the Homeless, or to Meet the Greatest Need, you aren't just raising money... you're changing lives.

You can get started today! Challenge your friends! Compete against coworkers!

There are LOTS of ways to get involved.

And all of them Make a Difference!

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Start Your Own

You can get started by creating your own #RedKettleReason that can be shared with your friends to raise resources for The Salvation Army.

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