We Have Your Back

“Every day there is a new obstacle, but we get through it,” says Lieutenant Jonathan Whitaker, of The Salvation Army of Nash and Edgecombe Counties.

As the flood waters from Hurricane Matthew have been relentless in Edgecombe County, Salvation Army officers, volunteers and staff have kept working harder to bring hope.

You can see it on people’s faces. They weathered the storm, but it still feels like it’s all around them. And then hope comes in the form of a meal, a bottle of clean drinking water, and someone to talk to. The Salvation Army is there now and will be there when it’s time to rebuild, no matter what obstacle.

Flooding has been so devastating in Edgecombe County that North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory came to Tarboro Friday to survey the damage and to give a press conference, just steps away from The Salvation Army’s canteen (mobile feeding unit). It’s stationed at the Edgecombe County Law Enforcement Center in Tarboro.

The strength and joy Lt. Whitaker and the canteen crew display in serving those who need them most is apparent.

Carol Kirby, a Salvation Army disaster volunteer and canteen crew member from Lynchburg, Virginia, has been feeding neighbors in need since Monday, October 10.

The canteen has been serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s more than 1,200 meals Carol and her fellow volunteers are preparing daily. Carol begins her work at 5:30 a.m. and stops somewhere around 9:00 p.m.

The Salvation Army canteen crew also prepares food to send to the two shelters set up in Edgecombe County, one of which is a Red Cross shelter. The canteen readies the food and the Red Cross picks it up and delivers it.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Carol is at the canteen, ready to provide nourishment.

Flood waters are relentless. So are Lt. Whitaker, Carol Kirby, and the countless other volunteers, staff, and first responders working together to let the people who have lost everything know: We have your back.

This article was written by Rachel Nash, Regional Development Director for The Salvation Army of the Carolinas.

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