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During disaster service, The Salvation Army's initial support is provided to first responders – those charged with keeping regular citizens like you and I safe. We've already posted about our support for the many Emergency Operations Centers around the Carolinas. We help to provide food and water for those men and women who work around the clock monitoring the storm's progress.

But once the initial impact is over, these crisis response teams generally stand down. Emergency Operations Centers will usually begin to dismiss personnel as the threat of emergencies pass.

Once that happens, The Salvation Army begins to shift gears too. Our operations change from supporting the first responders to feeding directly in those communities hardest hit. Many times, this means feeding a local shelters. But, with the support of our mobile kitchen canteens, we are able to roam and bring our food, water, and emotional support directly to the people that have been most impacted.

In Goldsboro today, that's exactly that what happened. Our team there had learned about a neighborhood that was still without power and where much of the food in their refrigerators had already spoiled. Rather than have them find their local Salvation Army office, our team came to them, bringing them food, playing games, and enjoying some time together.

At the core of our disaster response teams are servant hearts. We long to simply give back - to serve those in the community that have been hardest hit or that have the biggest need.

With rivers expected to crest in many more communities on Friday, our teams remain prepared. We will serve – joyfully! – in the places where we are needed most.

Even though we may not see as much coverage on the news, the need is great. Your donations are essential to our ability to provide exactly what our neighbors in the community needs.

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