Serving with a Joyful Spirit

Lt. Heather Dolby is current serving with The Salvation Army's reponse to Hurricane Matthew near Beaufort, SC.

For those people who experience the impact of disasterse such as Hurricane Matthew, it can mean so much to encounter people with a joyful spirit. Our volunteers do so much more than simply serve food and drinks to those who are hungry and thirsty. Volunteers with The Salvation Army are sources of emotional and spiritual strength. They are a light in the midst of what can seem like darkness.

Our teams don't want to minimize the experiences that people have. But we do want to provide a welcoming and compassionate environment – we want to provide people with a sense that they are not alone.

At our canteens, you can expect to find people like Lt. Heather Dolby. Heather, who is currently one of the leaders at our Anderson, SC Corps and she is currently deployed to the coast, leading a mobile kitchen team there and currently serving individuals at the county Emergency Operations Center. She creates that joyful, welcoming presence that can mean so much in times of darkness.

As we anticipate serving individuals and families after Hurricane Matthew passes, we pray that we can be the encouraging presence that people may need. We hope in addition to food and water, we can be a source of strength, a source of light.

We hope we can be a source of love.

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