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When summer comes to a close, the world seems to move back into its regular routine. It’s a never-ending cycle that we experience every year. Families are finished with their vacations and settle back into the flow of jobs and chauffeuring children to after school activities.

We are dedicated to helping children achieve their dreams.

For many kids, there’s a rush of getting geared up for a new school year. There are new backpacks and school supplies to buy. There’s the excitement about catching up with friends that they haven’t seen since school got out for the summer. It is at this time of year that we talk about transitions into new situations and getting ready for the next big thing.

For the families with which we have the privilege of working, though, this time of year can be difficult. Parents understand how vitally important education is but can find it difficult to ensure that their children have everything necessary to succeed. Backpacks, new clothes, school supplies – even after school care – can be stressful demands on any family.

The Salvation Army of the Carolinas is dedicated to working with children and their families. Here, we operate 37 Boys & Girls Club units, 4 Salvation Army Community Centers, and many other after school or education related programs. These after-school hours have been referred to as the “danger zone” when kids are most susceptible to getting involved in drugs and alcohol or making other decisions that could negatively impact their lives.

When children are given the tools they need to succeed, we can begin to see a break in the cycle of poverty.

In the Carolinas, our youth programs are the largest and most effective platform we have for impacting families for good. As we transition back to the regular routine that fall brings, we are dedicated to helping children get ready for what comes next. Yes, we want them to succeed in their studies this year. But, we also want them to know that The Salvation Army, our program staff and counselors, our volunteers, and our pastors will be a support system.

When you support The Salvation Army with your time or resources, you are truly helping children break the cycle of poverty.

You help them achieve their wildest dreams.

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