The Needs We Meet – Everyday

Everyday, The Salvation Army has the opportunity to impact the lives of friends and neighbors in the communities in which we live. Throughout the Carolinas, there are those that turn to us for help. Every day. They understand that, when there is no one else to which they can turn, The Salvation Army is there.

We meet needs. Without discrimination.

Providing safe shelter is a core service of The Salvation Army in many communities.

You know that The Salvation Army is there at Christmas but many people do not realize that we are a 365-day organization — that the contributions from Christmas help to fund critical services throughout the year.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for many of us to understand exactly what it means to need help just to get by. But, our friends that we get to serve in Jesus' name are incredible people from all walks of life that, often, simply need a little help from their neighbors.

And, so, we wanted to share just a few of the needs that we hear. These needs are real — transcribed from the messages that we receive daily over the phone and through our website. Yes, they represent incredible need. But, they also represent the incredible opportunity that we have to serve.

When people turn to us, it is often because they have hit rock bottom. They've exhausted any resources that may be available through their family. They simply need someone to come alongside them. To be with them in this difficult time and to help them reestablish themselves. This is The Salvation Army's story. We come alongside when we're most needed. We assess the needs of our communities and respond with the resources we have been given to meet those needs. At our core, we believe that all men, women, and children deserve a second chance.

This picture of an officer praying with a woman captures the heart of The Salvation Army's mission.

We meet basic needs. The foundation of The Salvation Army's Christian ministry is the idea that for people to fully become who God has intended for them to be, they must have food, shelter, and clothing. Our service is to help ensure that every man, woman, or child can at least be sure that these needs are met.

Children have always been a centerpiece to The Salvation Army's work. Today, here in the Carolina's our youth programs represent some of our most significant work. Whether it's our summer programs at Camp Walter Johnson, the after-school and community center programs that are operated in partnership with The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, or weekly character building programs at our local congregations, we focus many of our resources at providing for the needs of children.

We don't just aim to meet human needs but to do so in Jesus' name. The founder of The Salvation Army, William Booth, once said, "Faith and works should travel side-by-side, step answering to step, like the legs of men walking." This is true today. We serve all people. We believe they have value simply because they were created by a loving God. Everyday, we aim to reflect God's love in real and powerful ways.

An officer of The Salvation Army serves food to a child in the aftermath of a flooding disaster.

As The Salvation Army, we receive messages from people experiencing great need. But, rather than be discouraged, we see it as a God-given opportunity to serve those that need it most. We see it as an opportunity to empower, to restore dignity, and to share the message that they are valuable and loved.

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Contributions Needed

Our need is greatest during the summer months. Resources raised during other times of the year often begin to be exhausted. By making a financial contribution, you're helping meet the needs of neighbors in your community.

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