By the Blessing of the Lord, I'm Still Here

Anthony sat in the warm Charleston sun with me this morning thankful to be alive. The fiery Carolina sun seems like a comfort to us all after seeing so many dreary, rainy, and tragic days in the past week. As he sat at The Salvation Army mobile feeding kitchen, he began to tell me his story.

Just five days ago Anthony sat in his home in the Dorchester Road area, hoping to weather the storm. Being from South Carolina, he been through storms before. Anthony is an older man and thought he had seen it all—he and his sister who lived with him thought everything would be fine. But this time was different….

“When the water starting gushing in and the power went off, I moved the furniture the best I could so I could save it,” he said. “When that happened I got scared. I didn’t know what to do in the dark with water coming in.”

Anthony’s house flooded with four feet of water. He was in chest-deep water in the dark. Finally he and his sister were able to get to higher ground.

The Salvation Army was already on the ground to help. In communities throughout South Carolina, The Salvation Army is already serving the needs of the people.

“The Salvation Army was here long before the storms and we will be here serving the community as long as we are needed,” said Major Tom Richmond, Corps Officer from The Salvation Army of Charleston. “Our response has been fluid so we can get help to the people who need it the most.”

Anthony’s sister is staying with a friend and Anthony is staying in a shelter where The Salvation Army is providing the meals. His home is destroyed and he is not sure where he is going next, but he has faith that it is all going to be ok. “By the blessing of the Lord I am still here.”

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