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Why Financial Gifts Are Critical During Disaster Response


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When neighbors experience the worst, people throughout the Carolinas are generous and want to do everything that they can to help. We appreciate the willingness of the public to help.

People often ask us what they can do. 

At this point in our response, financial gifts provide us the best opportunity to meet people's needs. The dynamic nature of disaster response means that we often don't have the logistics to receive the great influx of donated goods. Financial gifts also allow us to purchase items to help bolster the local econony and support the businesses in the affected area. 

As our response continues, it may become more feasible for us to receive other sorts of donations. For now, your financial support allows us to focus directly on providing services to the survivors.

Thanks for your generosity and your concern for your neighbors! Thanks for helping us Do the Most Good.



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Your financial gifts provide us the best ability to serve those affected by the flooding in South Carolina.

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