Bringing Hope to South Carolina

The historic rainfall this past weekend has been life changing for thousands of individuals and families across South Carolina. What you may not have seen are the stories of people coming together to support one another. Neighbors helping neighbors get through a difficult time. This is the spirit of the Carolinas - we are always willing to lend a hand to our neighbors in need.

We have been there too. We've always had a strong presence throught SC and in Columbia in particular, where m most of our response work is currently focused. 

We've had the opportunity over the past few days to talk with hard working citizens of columbia working to help restore that community. Firefighters. City workers. Fast water rescue personnel. 

Already, we've served over 1,800 meals, served 2,480 drinks, and provided 1,954 snacks from the five mobile kitchen units that are in Columbia. Today, we're bringing in reinforcements with 12 more mobile kitchen units arriving from across the Carolinas and Georgia.

The Salvation Army has been at work in South Carolina for over 125 years. Know that we will be here to continue to support the community long after the waters recede. 

Know that we bring hope.

Know that we serve in Jesus name without discrimination.

Know that when the waters rise, we stand firm.



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