More than #theDress

Last week, the Internet exploded. 

A simply blue and black dress caused an absolute uproar.  Some people saw it as black and blue. Other people saw it as white and gold. Such a great optical illusion!

The Salvation Army in South Africa, though, saw something much different.

Black and Blue Campaign - South Africa

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This image showing up everywhere today. Thanks to The Salvation Army of South Africa for creating it and raising awareness.

And there's a lot to be aware of.

Here in the United States, about 1 in 4 women will experience intimate partner violence in their lifetimes. 

Intimate partner violence is the 3rd leading cause of homelessness in America.

More than 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes each year.

Perhaps most striking: it is widely believed that most incidents of domestic violence go unreported.

Throughout the Carolinas, many of our local offices partner with other city and county agencies to support the survivors of domestic violence. Our shelters facilitate education and counseling programs, and advocate for additional services.

When you only see our kettles at Christmas time, it's easy to forget that The Salvation Army works year round to help improve the lives of those in the community that need it most. When you partner with The Salvation Army your making a real and lasting impact on people's lives.

Domestic violence sends a message that an individual is worthless and expendable.  Help us counter that with a message of hope, of love, and compassion. Help surviviors see their inherent, God-given value; to see things the way they truly are.



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Get Help

If you are in need of immediate help, pleae call the National Domestic Violence Hotline:


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