Cold Weather Sets In

The weather during February in the Carolinas is always unpredictable. We have had some of our biggest winter storms in February and for the past couple years, it seems as though we've experienced some deep, deep cold during the month. Many of us experience high heating bills. Some of us are excited about the possibility of a free snow day home from work.

homeless neighbor

For many of our neighbors, however, these deep cold spurts bring unique challenges. There are plenty of families that, despite their best, hard-working effots, just cannot seem to make ends meet.  One unanticipated high utility bill can be devastating. Some families are faced with the choice between paying these bills, buying food, or buying warm clothes for their children. It is a difficult choice to make.  How would you choose?

Still others face the prospect of extrememly cold nights without a warm place to call home. When the weather dips to 7 or 8 degrees as it is forecasted to do this week, the dangers associated with homelessness are multiplied. In weather that frigid, there is little chance of staying warm.

At its core, The Salvation Army operates on a mission ot meet human needs in Jesus' name without discrimination. A blanket, a cot, and a warm bowl of soup are the weapons we use to combat the bitter cold. The secondhand coats that you contribute to our Family Store program become a second chance for someone else. Even a simple monetary contribution becomes the means by which a hard-working family can make it through the most challenging months.

Those in the Carolinas routinely entrust The Salvation Army with resources to combat the challenges brought about by our cold winter weather. The cold weather we are bracing for means magnified need. 

Contribute Today

The Salvation Army transforms your gift to warmth and hope for families. 

Thanks for all you do to support your neighbors during this cold winter season.

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