Make Change All Year Long

A Year in the Life of The Salvation Army

The Christmas season is very busy time for us.  You see our Red Kettles on street corners and at shopping centers; coordinating the Angel Tree program and our Red Kettle campaign is a huge undertaking. But, it's also when we tend to see the greatest number of people needing help.We're so grateful for the volunteers and others that give and serve relentlessly to meet that need!

These days following Christmas are a welcomed opportunity for us to rest and recuperate. 

But we make change all year long.

Many people don't realize that The Savlation Army works to meet human need without discrimination all year round. There are just a FEW of the ways that The Salvation Army makes an impact below!


January represents a new beginning; it's a time to make changes to the way we do things. For some, it means dieting. For others, it means reading more. But, for the individuals who take part in programs at our Adult Rehabiliton Centers, it means changing for good. Since the very beginning, The Salvation Army has worked to help men and women fight addiction. 



Throughout the Carolinas, The Salvation Army offers emergency assistance programs that help local residents provide for their family by keeping food in their pantry and electrical service to their homes. February can be a very cold month and The Salvation Army works to keep people warm and fed in their own homes when they need help.



The Salvation Army operates dozens of Boys & Girls Clubs and other community centers around North and South Carolina. It is our single largest program in this region! Every single day, we directly influence children helping them to learn important life skills, to build strong character. More importantly, we keep them safe.




When people find themselves with no where else to turn, they can turn to The Salvation Army. Throughout the year, we operate shelters for men, women, and families in communities across the Carolinas. We provide hope and safety and compassion.



There are so many diverse needs. The Salvation Army operates programs to meet these needs. In Columbia, SC for example, The Salvation Army operates an after-school reading program that helps children improve their abilities and even their grades in school.



Camp Walter Johnson has been serving campers from The Carolinas since 1974. Each year, hundreds of children have the opportunity to play and learn in the safety of our beloved Camp. Our caring and professional staff provide an engaging and life-changing environment that gives children the opportunity to make lifelong memories.



To live in the Carolinas means that families have to be prepared in the event of hurricanes or other natural disasters. The Salvation Army has provided for the basic needs for disaster survivors since the early 1900s and, today, is one of the premier agencies that respond in these situations providing food, water, and spiritual guidance.



Many Salvation Army locations operate back to school initiatives to help families provide for the educational needs of their children. We also operate Boys and Girls Clubs and Chartered Community Centers that have a strong emphasis on character building, educational acheivement, and spiritual growth.



Needs may change, but the mission of The Salvation Army never does.  The rise in human trafficking over the past nubmer of years has become a real concern and The Salvation Army responds when individuals are in need.  Starting with Project FIGHT at our Wake County office, The Salvation Army in the Carolinas offers assistance including food, shelter, counseling, and relocation and provides training to community groups in an effort to fight human trafficking in our local communities.



The Salvation Army Family Stores are great places to find unique items for your home. They fund other programs that are operated by The Salvation Army and provide a low cost way for individuals and families to shop for their needs. What is second hand for you is a second chance for someone else!



Memories of Thanksgiving often involve family and friends around a table full of food. For so many folks, providing food for their family proves to be difficult. Throughout the entire year, The Salvation Army operates feeding programs that provide hot meals and food pantry services for those who need it most.



After a busy year of meeting a diverse needs in communities all around the Carolinas, December returns with the familiar sights and sounds of our Red Kettles. When you see them this year, let them be a reminder about all of the ways that The Salvation Army impacts your local community – all of the ways that your support, thoughout the year, makes a long-lasting difference.



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