When was the first Salvation Army band created?

Answer: 1882

The Salvation Army has a long history with brass bands. But, did you know that was never the intention of William Booth?

The first Salvation Army band was formed in 1882 by accident. Charles Frye and his sons offered their services as bodyguards for Salvation Army street preachers. They began playing music on their brass instruments to help keep the rowdy, even hostile, crowds calm. Frye soon after quit their family business to lead the Army's music department.

Charles Frye and family

Today, The Salvation Army has approximately 2,500 bands world wide. And since the 1920's, a Salvation Army brass band from Southern California has marched in the Rose Bowl Parade. Below is a video of a Salvation Army band marching in the 2014 Tournament of Roses, Rose Bowl Parade.


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