What's a SAWSO?

When most people think of The Salvation Army, one of two thoughts are the first thing to come to mind. It's either our kettles and bell-ringers at Christmas time or our Family Stores around the United States - it's OK, we know. It's definitely a big part of what we do.

But there is SO much more than doesn't get a lot of attention!

For example, since 1977, The Salvation Army World Services Office (SAWSO) has been providing international assistance in pursuit of its goal of finding lasting solutions to poverty. Particularly, right now, we're invovled in the response to Typhoon Haiyan, helping those families that were affected in any way that we can. Anytime there is an international incident like this, SAWSO will be there. Though the efforts of our wonderful and tireless volunteers, we have been able to provide well over 10 million meals and 600 transitional shelters in response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Beyond disaster relief, SAWSO also has focus in other areas: anti-human-trafficking campaigns, working to bring attention to the crisis and providing shelter to those escaping from the industry; microfinance and economic empowerment, through innovative programs around the world; and,  HIV/AIDS and community health programs, by embracing community driven approaches and attempts to create community-wide participation and local capacity building to maintain long-term solutions and sustainability.

Boys at a Salvation Army school operated by SAWSO

SAWSO isn't the most well-known aspect of what The Salvation Army is able to accomplish by your support, but it is certainly important!

You can download SAWSO's most recent Annual Report for more information

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Please consider supporting the work of The Salvation Army in reponse to Typhoon Haiyan.

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