The Salvation Army looking for "angels" to sponsor local children

HIGH POINT, NC (April 21, 2016) Hiking in the woods, making crafts, singing songs by the campfire − some of our fondest childhood memories come from summer camp.

For the most low-income children in High Point, these simple joys seem unattainable. Many local at-risk kids will spend their summer wandering the streets unsupervised or being influenced by other undirected youth. . . a recipe for trouble.

With your help, The Salvation Army can help struggling families in High Point avoid this outcome for their children. Last year in the United States, thousands of children attended some 48 Salvation Army residential camps. "It's an experience not to be missed," observes Captain Bobby Jackson, Commanding Officer at The Salvation Army of High Point. "Time spent at camp can be a life-changing experience for kids. It can instill feelings of self-worth, open up the world and offer hope for the future."

Captain Bobby Jackson reports that last summer the citizens of High Point gave this precious gift to 31 local children, some of whom had never in their lives experienced being in a safe, loving environment 24 hours a day. Through these donations, underprivileged kids got to go to a weeklong camp where they played sports, swam, explored the outdoors and made crafts. They even had the individual help of trained counselors as they learned how to live together with a diverse group of neighbors, dealing with the troubling issues and concerns that challenge them in their daily lives. Campers also enjoy nutritious meals, explore the great outdoors, and learn new important new life-skills, like anger management and conflict resolution that will prepare them for the future.

Captain Bobby Jacksonis currently seeking a total of $13,000 in sponsorship money in order to send 50 children to Camp Walter Johnson for the summer of 2016. "School will be ending soon," he points out. "There are a lot of spots left and not enough money to fill them. I hope the community will come through for these deserving kids. For many of them, it's the highlight of the whole year."

To donate to The Salvation Army, please call 336-881-5400, mail your gift to 301 West Green Drive, High Point, NC 27260, or make a donation online at