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Project Playground

On October 19th, employees of Columbia Forest Products spent their entire day adding new fencing, spreading mulch, and improving the safety of our Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club playground! From 9am to 4pm these wonderful volunteers spread hundreds of pounds of mulch, yet the smile never left their faces! The project was completed just in time for our Boys & Girls to rush off the bus and right onto their beautifully improved playground.  

Amy Hudson, Executive Director of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club said, "The children who spend their afternoons at our Boys & Girls Club love being outdoors, claiming the playground as their favorite spot! For us, the safety of our youth is our priority, and this project has helped insure their safety on the playground."

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of High Point would like to thank Columbia Forest Products for initiating, gathering volunteers, and providing materials for this wonderful project!  We would also like to thank The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary for providing the playground mulch.  Thank you for helping us make safety a priority and prevent injury in the youth we serve!