Millis Regional Health Education Center

On Friday, June 25th, our Boys & Girls Club members took a field trip to the Millis Regional Health Education Center in downtown High Point. During their visit, our students participated in an educational class on Bullying. In this class, they learned about the types of bullying, the characterstics of a bully, and who to tell if a bullying situation occurs. After watching a video on bullying, and acting out scenarios, all 52 club members took the Anti-Bullying Pledge.

After the class on bullying, all of the students were allowed to spend a few hours playing in the interactive Millis Regional Education Center game room! Everything from Dance Dance Revolution, XBox Kinnect, stationary bikes, bowling, iPad Brain Games, pretend grocery store play and much more encouraged each student to use deductive reasoning, strategy, physical fitness, and group work skills!