​Catalytic Convertors Stolen from Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Buses

HIGH POINT, NC (August 24, 2021) – Catalytic Converters from two Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club buses were stolen again, following replacement from theft a few weeks ago.

On Monday morning, August 23rd, staff from The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of High Point went out to crank their buses and perform inspection checks in preparation for the first day of afterschool pickups of the new school year. It became apparent very quickly that two of their buses wouldn’t run correctly due to their catalytic convertors being stolen yet again. In mid-July, two buses, and one passenger van owned by The Salvation Army were damaged in the recent catalytic convert thefts plaguing the High Point area. Now, just one month later, The Salvation Army of High Point is facing another expensive charge to replace two catalytic convertors stolen again.

“Our youth are already facing challenges returning to school this week brought on by the pandemic such as learning loss, fear of COVID, mask restrictions, and social anxieties,” explains Amy Hudson, Executive Director of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club. “The last thing they need is to be left sitting at school in the afternoon as their after school enrichment programs struggle to get transportation to them because of something like this. It’s heartbreaking.”

The Salvation Army estimates that it will cost around $8,000 to replace these two most recently stolen parts, increasing their total repair costs due to catalytic converter theft this summer to almost $16,000.

“Every summer, The Salvation Army experiences a drop in donations,” explains Captain Lars-Otto & Ingrid Ljungholm, Commanding Officers of The Salvation Army of High Point. “With the drop in donations and now extra and unnecessary expenses caused by the catalytic converter theft, we need our community’s support, more than ever so we can continue helping our neighbors in need.”

To help The Salvation Army recover these repair costs during these difficult times, please visit www.tsahighpoint.org to make a donation.

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