The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Durham offers affordable programs that provides a safe place for youth ages 6 - 18 to learn and play. For just $10 a year, we continue to engage our youth in positive programming. We offer many different programs here at The Boys & Girls Club to ensure that they are in the best possible environment for development, growth, and fun! Some are offered year-round, while others are seasonal. There's always something going on at the Club!


After-School Care

For just $10 a year, families can rest assured knowing that their children have a safe and fun environment to learn and grow. This cost covers the membership fee for our after-school program that runs Monday-Friday, 2:30pm-6:00pm.

Various community partnerships allow us to offer world-class tutoring and innovative programming for the at-risk youth in our community that may not otherwise have opportunities to explore their passions. Just a few of our programs include checkers, guitar lessons, STEM programming, fitness, mentorship, and arts & crafts.

Summer Day Camp

The fun doesn't end when school does here at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Durham. Youth who attend Summer Day Camp are given the opportunity to go on various field trips throughout the summer that are not only fun, but that keep our Club Members learning and growing, even when school is out!

When your child attends our Summer Day Camp, they will eat full and healthy meals and snacks each day. They will go fishing, swimming, to the movies, to the zoo, and more.

Pathway of Hope

Through The Salvation Army of Durham, The Club is able to offer a very special, case management style program to families who are interested in bettering the future for themselves and their children. Any parent of a child under the age of 18 is eligible for this program. Parents have been able to get jobs, apply for housing, go to college, and more through this invaluable program!


The Emanuel Croslan Hall of Fame Gala

In 2016, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club held its Inaugural Emanuel Croslan Hall of Fame Gala. Every year going forward, we will dedicate our Hall of Fame Gala to the great legacy of Mr. Croslan, who changed so many lives during his time with our Club, and even more in his community. We will honor past Club members who have gone on to be successful, inspirational, and encouraging individuals. This Gala, the largest fundraiser for The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, is an event to remember!

Youth Can Count on Me

Each year, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club celebrate the achievements of our Club Members. This could be perfect attendance, major grade improvements, or impressive commitments to athletics. Some students are recognized for learning new skills, for their kindness, and for their service to the community. We invite family and friends to come celebrate with us through a shared meal and award ceremony. In 2017, we were able to congratulate 15 high school seniors from our Club that received scholarships to four-year universities. Now that is an achievement worth celebrating!

Teen Day @ NCCU

Each April, North Carolina Central University School of Law partners with our Club to provide extensive workshops for teenagers not just in our Club, but all throughout Durham. The program alternates each year to provide both career and college information sessions. Students are able to explore career options by speaking with local business owners in the community. They also get an opportunity to learn about applying for and attending college, with special appearances by NCCU students and alumni!