It is never too early to begin preparing for college or your career. At The Boys & Girls Club, we want to prepare our students for a brighter future. We are excited to present this workshop, these speakers, and NCCU, to the teens in this community. You are our future leaders.

This event has already taken place for 2018. Join us for our next TEEN DAY in April 2019!

The Problem

Did you know that less than half of high school graduates in Durham County get a college degree? While we know that college is not a requirement, we do believe that education is invaluable for those entering the "adult world" after high school. In Durham County alone, 338 students dropped out in the 2015-2016 school year. Let's break it down a bit more:

  • 208 males
  • 130 females
  • 28 white students
  • 180 black students
  • 122 hispanic students

Why are these students dropping out? And as for the ones that graduate, why aren't they going to college?

Our Solution

College Teen Day @ NCCU is designed to show students in the inner city of Durham that college does not have to be a distant dream. Many students may have the chance to be the first person in their family to pursue an advanced degree. Parents and children alike may feel lost and unsure of next steps, how to apply for financial aid, or even how to choose the right school. At Teen Day, we hope to lessen the stress that these decisions can cause by providing educational tools and tips for parents and teens.

We and our friends at North Carolina Central University invite you to join us for Teen Day.