Reading Buddies Program

Encouraging youth to read as a leisure activity

The Board and Staff of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Charlotte are very concerned with the reading test scores for the children in Charlotte. Even though the kids attending our Clubs are being promoted to the next grade each year, their reading scores are below grade level and interest in reading in general is lower than we would like to see it.

The Reading Buddies Program is twofold: First to improve the reading scores of the children in the program, second to encourage children at our Club sites to enjoy reading as a leisure time activity.

We are planning to have reading activities available for Club members of all ages. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a child, read to a group of younger children or be a book club leader for middle-school or high-school students. Our hope is the volunteers in this program will be employees of your company.

Thanks to our Sponsors!

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