Teen Lounge

Fun and educational activities for our older Boys & Girls Club members.

Language Arts

Teen Ink
By teens for teens: websites, blogs, magazines and book series created by teens for teens.

Guys Read
Novels and short stories by guys for guys.

Free Rice
Free Rice helps students improve their vocabulary, SAT scores and the current state of world hunger. With every vocabulary question you get right, this nonprofit donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Program.


Earth 911
Everything teens need to go green at home and at school!

Real science, real stories and real data to engage student on and off the screen.

How Stuff Works
Answering ‘how’ and ‘why’ about some of today’s most important topics, this website encourages the curiosity, innovation and exploration of Youth.

Ted Ed
Ideas and educational videos from teachers and students around the world!

Social Studies

My Hero
Stories, Art and Media on heroes around the world for teens.

Google Arts and Culture
Students can explore artwork and artifacts, provided by 1,000+ museums, galleries and institutions around the world!

ELA, science and social studies geared towards youth audiences.

Newseum ED
Digital Literacy and Technology education for teens.


Cool Math
Math games and homework help for teens.

Cut the Knot
Interactive math games, puzzles and additional resources for high school math students.

Teen Health and Development

Teen Health
Information on good diet, exercise, illnesses and sexual health.

Stage of Life
Videos, stories, quizzes and much more about teens and for teens.

Get Schooled
Information and help on finding a job, entering college and succeeding in life for teens.

College and Career Connections

“As part of our College and Career Connections initiative, we are interviewing professionals from a wide variety of careers in order for you to get a greater understanding of the workforce. Take a listen to these short, fun and engaging podcasts to help you on your journey!” - Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Use your critical thinking skills to solve puzzles and crack codes in these digital and interactive escape rooms!