Arts & Crafts

Fun and creative activities for Club members to do at home

Club Art Project

Our Club Kids took on an art project, painting a tropical sunset. Try it yourself, by watching the video HERE.

DIY Stress Balls

Making your own stress relief devices with household items.

Homemade Bird Feeder

Birds like a snack just as much as you do!

Tinfoil People

Club Connect arts & craft activity with Mr. Patrick.

Me, Myself, and I

Arts & Crafts projects that kids can do by themselves.

Create Your Own Comic

Let your creative juices flow and become a comic book artist! Bust boredom by writing and drawing your own comic strip.

PRINT blank comic strip outline to begin. Tip: Print additional pages to write and illustrate a comic book.

Watch this video to learn how to use simple shapes to make super characters for your comic strip!

Sports Cups

Get your snack off the sidelines and score some major points by making your own sports cup! Great for holding your snacks, storing pencils or making a fun game to play with siblings.

PRINT the backboards needed for this project.

  1. Using a sharpie, add lines to a disposable cup to make them look like basketball nets.
  2. Cut small slits into the backboard, one on each side of the square.
  3. Slide blackboards onto the back of the cup, using tape or a glue stick to secure.
  4. Pick a favorite snack, candy or small item to start making baskets! (Tip: Cheese Balls, Skittles or paper clips are some of the items that work best.).