Other Affiliates

Loaves & Fishes: Loaves & Fishes provides individual birthday cakes for members and donates snacks for our afterschool program. Their website is: http://www.loavesandfishes.us/.

Burlington Housing Authority (BHA):  The club has partnered with BHA on several projects through the years.  For more information on BHA visit their website is: http://burlingtonhousingauthority.org/.

Alamance Citizens for Education (ACE): Last summer, we had members volunteer for Alamance Citizens for Education and organized their classroom closet. Their website is: http://www.alamanceforeducation.org/.

Meals on Wheels: Each summer and some teacher work days, our youth deliver meals for Meals on Wheels. Their website is:http://www.alamancemow.org/.

Teen Outreach Program (TOP): TOP provides speakers each year to talk to our middle school and high school members about puberty, self-esteem, making good choices, exercise, infant mortality, smoking and HIV/STDs. Their website is:http://www.nchealthystart.org/RICHES/CommGrantCountyReport/Alamance.pdf.

Crossroads: Crossroads speaks to our youth concerning sexual assault, date rape and child victimization. Their website is:http://crossroadscares.org/.

Alamance Cares: Alamance Cares participates in our SmartMoves program and speaks to our youth about stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS. Their website is: http://alamancecares.com/.

Family Abuse Services-Women's Abuse Shelter: The Club partners with Family Abuse Services-Women's Abuse Shelter by picking up their school-aged residents and transporting them to our Center each day and back to the shelter when the Club closes. Their website is: http://www.familyabuseservices.org/.

Women's Resource Center: In the past, the Women's Resource Center has provided funds to help parents who cannot afford our low program fees. Their website is: http://www.wrcac.org/.

Alcohol Drug Services (ADS): ADS provides prevention classes on drugs and alcohol. Their website is: http://www.adsyes.org/.