Our Advisory Board

We could not serve our community without the help and support of our Board. Our Advisory Board serves as a vital component of our organization. Each member is a representative of our community that strengthen our mission and goals. Our Board acts as advisors, community advocates, experts in their respective fields and agents of change.

We are better, we are wiser and we are stronger advocates of good and service because of our Board. We are so grateful for each and every person that gives their time and their talents to serve our community through the work of The Salvation Army.

If you are interested in joining our board please click here!

Advisory Board Officers

Chairman Rick Devereaux

Vice Chairman Ted Hill

Treasurer William Griffin III

Secretary Laura Laughter

Advisory Board Members

Donald Bishop

Bruce Burns

Matt Coleman

Gayle Collins

Sally Duyck

John Ellis

Ted Hill

Mike Hunsucker

Laura Ingle

Roger James

Thomas E. Nash Jr.

Marilyn E. Nason

William Tepper

John K. White Jr.