Dear Friends,

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All thanks to the generosity of our supporters, The Salvation Army was able to help the men, women, and children who came to us in need this year. The people we served were diverse, as were the needs they brought to our doorstep. The Salvation Army meets people right where they are, helping them overcome their hardships, impacting their lives. We may have provided something as small as a bag of food or a simpleprayer, or as large as paying a power bill or providing shelter for a family with no home.

In all we do, our focus is making an impact on the community. Our goal is to be firm in our mission while adapting to the changes in the world around us. We see progress every day, made through the efforts of dedicated employees and volunteers, supported by heartfelt gifts from people like you. Thanks to you, we make a positive impact for the people who need it so desperately.

Most of all, we are grateful that our efforts have been blessed by God. Through His grace, we are changing hearts. Through His love, we are healing lives. And through His mercy, we will continue “Doing The Most Good.

Captains Brett and Kim Cundiff
Corps Officers


What A Difference A Year Makes

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John knows the importance of a good meal after a long day. As the new cook for The Salvation Army shelter, John sees his role as more than just preparing food for the residents. Even though he now describes himself as outgoing, fun, and energetic, just last year things were different.

“I was a wreck when I came to The Salvation Army shelter.” John says. “I’d never been in a situation like it.”

After a relationship went bad, John and his three children found themselves with no home. Without any family nearby, they did not know where to turn for help. It was then that they arrived at The Salvation Army where they lived for thirteen months. The family found more than a place to stay; they found a second family.

Through the help of The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs, the children excelled in school and experienced new activities. They didn’t have to think about living in a shelter. Instead, they could meet new friends and enjoy a sense of normalcy. The staff even made extraordinary efforts to make sure days like birthdays and special occasions were celebrated in style.

John knew his children were in good hands which enabled him to focus on getting his family back on their feet. He regularly attended church services and participated in devotions. He worked with his case manager on personal development and life skills. With his past experience in foodservice, he was able to find a job cooking at a local restaurant. He also works at The Salvation Army, serving as a part- time cook at the shelter.

“After I’ve prepared a wonderful meal for a dining room full of people, and they smile... it’s better than a paycheck.”

His two jobs have enabled him to move into a house large enough for his family and their new dog. He now has the opportunity to help his children with their homework, to chauffeur them to their extracurricular activities, and to carry out his plans for a new business.

“I see a lot of love and progress in our future. We set goals and we set them high.”


Hope and Opportunity

Close up of boy from boys and girls club

Keyvon is a fun-loving eleven year old jokester who loves to make people smile. Unlike most children his age, he likes to keep everything neat and tidy. He even maintains a to-do list for all of the things he wants to complete each day. Watching him with his friends, he seems like a typical, carefree kid. You would never know that his home life is anything but typical.

One of seven kids, Keyvon serves as the mediator among his siblings when they’re home alone. His mother, a single-parent, works full-time with additional third-shift hours to help pay the bills. When The Salvation Army staff started noticing a behavior change in Keyvon’s siblings and mother, they called a family meeting. Keyvon spoke about many of the challenges. Together, the group came up with solutions, one being attending church as a family. A year later, the entire family still attends regularly. Keyvon’s father also joins them on many occasions and is becoming more present with the family.

For Keyvon, The Boys & Girls Club has been a stabilizing influence for more than half of his life. He has formed relationships with positive role models who have helped him with more than just homework. They have taught him important lessons about life and faith that will remain with him for years to come.

Keyvon has made lifelong friendships with the other children at the club. Regardless of the challenges each day might bring, he knows that his friends will always be there.

"I have a lot of friends that I see at the club. During the school year we do homework, have a snack, and then we play some activities. We play things like four corners and board games. It’s a lot of fun."

Kids Keyvon's age have dreams of being the next superstar. He can’t decide whether he would rather be a surgeon or a scientist. While so many children face challenges, the advantages that Keyvon has are a safe place to learn and grow and ongoing relationships with caring adult professionals.

He has the Boys & Girls Club.

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