SHELTER+ (plus)

SHELTER + (plus) is taking a traditional shelter model, and increasing the capacity of supportive services around each individual who is experiencing homelessness.

The goal is to reduce days of homelessness the individual experience, and create a continuum that allows the person to not have to return to homelessness.

Shelters can be seen as part of the problem; especially if they are seen as simply providing a bed and a meal. SHELTER+ with the supportive services needed address the two main issues that likely contributed to someone experiencing homelessness.

At our Stringer Emergency Lodge, each individual is given an effective intake, and begins the process of case management.

After intake, and the beginning of case management, we use a system of GOALS < OBJECTIVES < INTERVENTIONS.

Our residents meet with staff or a mentor and review these Goals and Objectives; we then create Interventions that evaluate and create action steps for what is and what is not working.

many of our residents require the supportive services of other community agencies that can deliver healthcare, mental health treatment, job training programs, substance use counseling, and spiritual care.

We have and are continually developing these supportive services as we know that they are essential in helping our residents achieve stabilization, and long term success.

Emergency Housing And Homeless Support 

If you are experiencing homelessness and need help call (864) 225-7381 Ext. 2 - If before 4pm or if no one answers please leave a message and we will call you back.

We have a day resource center open from Monday - Friday from 8am-4pm and someone there can help you if you are in crisis.

Our shelter opens at 4pm Monday - Saturday & 1pm on Sunday.