The average age of a homeless person in America is 9.

Right now in Anderson County, there are close to 1000 children who have no permanent address.

At our Stringer Emergency Family Refuge we host 4 family stabilization units.

The goal of these units are to offer a place for families to get off the street when an emergency takes place.

Far too often families are forced into unsafe situations, or live in cars.

Our first step in stabilizing a family experiencing homelessness is to welcome them in with a clean, safe room, and provide a welcome kit for the kids, and caregiver. This looks like snacks, games, a few toys, and of course a brand new teddy bear. Each child gets to name that Teddy, which becomes a comfort item, and gives a sense of security.

Our next step is to connect our families to supportive services, and for school age children our priority is making sure all kids are in school within 24 hours. We will transport kids to school for the first week, until the school district connects transportation. In Anderson County, every district has a child homeless coordinator, and works to add needed resources for the student.

The average age of a homeless person in America is nine! This is a controversial figure; a tough one to bear. In the United States, the agencies that count homelessness, do not consider couch surfing, living in sheds, cheap motels, or moving from place to place each night. If you count children without any address or permanent home; children who do not know where they will sleep that night, there are 1.35 Million in The United States, and near 1000 in Anderson County.


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