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2020 Annual Report
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The work of The Salvation Army has always been focused on nourishing the spirits and the bodies of those whom we have the privilege to serve. Our founder, General William Booth, once observed, “You cannot warm the hearts of people with God’s love if they have an empty stomach and cold feet.” This holistic approach is fundamental to our service.

Among the people in our community that we interact with every day are those who are most vulnerable to the effects of illnesses like COVID-19. Often those with whom we work have limited access to resources such as health care or personal protective equipment (PPE). Throughout the past year, we have taken seriously the need to modify our approaches while continuing to serve those who need us.

Like you, we are hopeful for the day when these precautions are no longer necessary. Until then, we will continue to do all that we can to serve compassionately and safely.

Jennifer's Story

Three years ago, I had definitely hit rock bottom. Strung out on drugs and staying in an abandoned house, I knew of no one who could help and nowhere to go. I wanted desperately to change and I began praying for God to get me to a safe place where I could do that. When I found an old friend, told her what was going on and how I needed help, she brought me to The Salvation Army of Anderson’s Stringer Emergency Lodge.

It was there I heard the Corp Officer ask a gentlemen, “Are you looking for a safe place to get your life together?” “Well this is the place to do it!”

After hearing those words I knew God had heard my cries and answered my prayers. Throughout my time of drug addiction and homelessness, I felt God had a distinct calling of ministry in my life, but I never felt like I could live up to the job. When I heard the story of another soldier that was on his way to becoming a Salvation Army officer, I realized that I could no longer run from what God had called me to do. God had answered my prayers and now it was time to answer His call. After my first Soldier’s Rally, I surrendered completely to God’s will for my life. I could no longer run from God’s call of ministry on my life. Within a year, I became a soldier, and began the process to become an officer with The Salvation Army.

Since coming to The Stringer Emergency Lodge I have been able to stay clean and sober for over three years and have maintained a stable home environment since leaving the Stringer Emergency Lodge program.

I am now an accepted candidate for The Salvation Army’s Evangeline Booth’s School for Officer Training, where in the fall of 2021 my kids and I will move to Atlanta to begin training to become a Salvation Army Officer.

When there was nowhere else to go, The Salvation Army of Anderson stood by its mission. They provided me with everything I needed to move in a positive direction in my life, and soon I will be able to do the same for others.

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