Hurricane Dorian

Read the latest developments regarding Hurricane Dorian or to support those who have been impacted.

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"We lost everything ... we lost it all."

At The Salvation Army of Anderson, we have made it our mission that we never turn anyone away, so there was a bed for John.

Back To School Struggle

D'nyah sharred that " Mommy and Daddy said we are on vacation, but I know we're not ... its Ok though, God is gonna get us a house."

Help In The Heat

This is also one of the most vulnerable times for people experiencing homelessness. With an increased risk of dehydration, and longer term exposure to heat and humidity; many people on the streets are at risk.

Hope Leads To Homes

One of our residents recently said ... "I've never felt so much hope. For the first time I feel like I have a future" - Anthony

Crash Landing

If we find ways to say yes to Stephens hopeful choices, and can provide the basic needs, and an intentional way forward, he could avoid many of the negative consequences that will just prolong his cycle of hopelessness.

Smith or Jones?

Well, it gives us a sense of identity, of fidelity, and of healthy pride. We are raised to never ‘drag our names through the mud’.

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