Back To School Struggle

Summertime should be about water balloons, sprinklers in the yard, and chasing lightning bugs before Mama calls you in for the night.

Many of our neighbors we see at The Salvation Army in Anderson, during August, are struggling to make ends meet. These are not irresponsible people, or parents who have misjudged their budget; but often families that have to make hard choices.

There are a few factors that contribute to this. One big one, is that school is out. When school is in, it is a safe place for children to be while Mom or Dad go to work, two meals per day, and there are great teachers that can notice a struggling student.

Each summer at our shelter, we see an increase in family homelessness. So far ths year we have served 5 families who are successfully employed or working towards employment and permanent housing. This represents 10 children and 6 adults; 2 families who were living in their car before finding shelter.

D'nyah shared that " Mommy and Daddy said we are on vacation, but I know we're not ... its Ok though, God is gonna get us a house."

That same day a letter came from the Anderson Housing Authority, with a move in date. We needed the reminder that God is still in the business of answering prayer.

Will you be the answer to someone's prayer today?


At our Boys and Girls Club, which provides affordable and safe summer and afterschool care, we provide over 75 children two meals and snacks every day. Thats 150 meals per day, 750 per week, and over 7500 meals and snacks over the summer break.

That would cost parents over $300. dollars per child over the summer.

We charge 20 dollars per week for a child, and a discount for families with multiple children. That is $200. dollars for the entire summer. The average day care cost in South Carolina is $150. dollars, per child, per week. This would cost parents $1,500. per child for summer care.

Our club saves the average low income family $1,300. over the summer.

This allows families to thrive, and keeps kids safe. many children would have to be left at home while parents work, putting them in unsafe situations.

Our summer program exposes kids to positive character building programs, and sets them up to succeed.

On top of these factors, back to school shopping adds another expense to struggling families. We are also blessed to be able to provide back to school items for all our kids who may need that help.


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