"We lost everything ... we lost it all."

At The Salvation Army of Anderson, we have made it our mission that we never turn anyone away, so there was a bed for John.

Adopt An Angel Today!

We couldn't do it without you. We need your help to ensure that there are no forgotten Angels.

Our Angel Tree Program serves over 1200 children in Anderson County, and 900 children have already been adopted, which is incredible, but we need to make sure that there are no forgotten angels. We have 300 Angels left and…

Back To School Struggle

D'nyah sharred that " Mommy and Daddy said we are on vacation, but I know we're not ... its Ok though, God is gonna get us a house."

Help In The Heat

This is also one of the most vulnerable times for people experiencing homelessness. With an increased risk of dehydration, and longer term exposure to heat and humidity; many people on the streets are at risk.

A Safe Place To Hope

I witnessed the seeds of hope today as I noticed that this mom had the ability to give her kids a bath, and comb conditioner through their hair in a private room. Where I saw the notes of a preliminary budget written out for what rent and food would cost. There in front of me was hope.

Hope Leads To Homes

One of our residents recently said ... "I've never felt so much hope. For the first time I feel like I have a future" - Anthony

Room In The Inn

Currently we have 47 beds for Men, Women, and Families. Each day we are turning away 6-10 people, who would come in if possible. On top of that, there is a resident population of around 10-15 folks that chronically sleep outside. We know that when we have our Cold Wet Weather nights we have an additional 25-30 people on top of our permanent beds. This shows us reliable data that many, if not most, or all, would come in if they had the opportunity.

I am here to be seen - I See You

If you asked someone experiencing homelessness what the hardest part was, they would almost always say it was the sense of loneliness, abandonment, and when people walk on by as if you do not exist.

Built Ford Tough

Danny, and his daughter had been living in their truck for several days after the cost of a motel room became overwhelming.

The big grey Ford was parked in our lot as I was leaving the building, and on my way by I said hi. He stopped me and asked a few questions about our shelter.

He explained that he was working, and that he had a three-year old daughter who was in his custody full-time,…

Opportunity Builds Hope – College Bound

It has been stated that ‘talent is given equally, but opportunity isn’t.’

In the picture above you see big smiles on our residents faces. This isn’t typical when you wake up homeless without hope; but for our residents D_____, and A______, they are returning from their…

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