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Janice's Story

Janice and her husband have two young children. Their family lives in a frustrating margin: they do not make enough money to buy the food they need, yet their household income is too high to qualify for assistance.

“We work hard, but we make too much for food stamps, but not enough to pay for food for our family,” said Janice who works as a bus driver. “If it was not for The Salvation Army’s food pantry, I do not know how we would feed our children.” Janice visits her local Salvation Army food pantry for pantry items like pasta, canned vegetables, rice, beans, and other items she can use to make meals for her family. She also receives perishable items like meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, and dairy items. When it is available, she also receives soap, toothpaste, and other toiletry items.

“I know how to stretch a dollar. I can make a good meal from very little. But, if there is nothing in the pantry or refrigerator, I can’t feed my family,’’ explained Janice. “When you have to pay for rent, lights, and gas, you have to make your budget stretch. The food we get from The Salvation Army feeds our family so we can pay our bills.” The community and local grocery stores donate some of the food to The Salvation Army. The rest of the food is purchased from the local food bank.

“Our goal is to make sure that every person in our community has access to nutritious food and enough of it,” said The Salvation Army’s case manager. “We want to make sure we have enough food for anyone who needs it.”

Things are looking up for Janice and her family. Her husband went to training to become an electrician. She just got a raise. In the meanwhile, they know The Salvation Army is there to help them during the tough times.

“We are grateful for the food – a box will feed us for a week,” she said. “They are here to help the community. I just love The Salvation Army!”

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