Kernersville Korean Corps

Corps Officers: Captains Young & Heeran Lim 

Location: 770-D Park Centre Drive
Kernersville, NC 27284
(336) 993-8844

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Weekly Programs

Monday 4:45 pm Music Conservatory
Tuesday 10:00 am Bible Study
  8:00 pm Bible Study
Wednesday 7:30 pm Bible Study
Thursday 10:00 am Adult ESL Class
  10:00 am Intercessory Prayer
  4:30 pm Music Conservatory
  5:00 pm Adult ESL Class
  6:30 pm Praise Band Rehearsal
  7:30 pm Prayer Meeting
 Saturday 6:00am Early Morning Prayer Meeting
  2:00 pm Saturday School
  6:30 pm Ancient Korean Calligraphy Class
  7:00 pm Songsters Rehearsal
Sunday 9:45 am Sunday School
  11:00 am Holiness Meeting
  12 noon Youth Fellowship
  1:30 pm Songsters Rehearsal
  1:30 pm Ancient Korean Calligraphy Class

Started as an Outpost in 2006, the Kernersville (Korean) Corps now hosts more than 100 congregants at weekly meetings. Captains Young and Heeran Lim have six years of experience in the Area Command, first as officers of the Washington Park Corps and currently as the leaders of the Kernersville Corps.

The Corps facility in Kernersville is situated in the middle of the Triad's two largest cities - Winston-Salem and Greensboro. Since its opening, the Kernersville Corps has quickly established itself by starting a Corps Band of 15 members. One of its members won the Commissioner Ruby Holz Piano Scholarship at the 2007 Territorial Music Institute.

The Youth Choir of the Korean Corps' recent performance, June 23, 2013