Project CATCH - Community Action Targeting Children who are Homeless

Each night in Wake County, 300 children spend the night in shelters.  More still are on waiting lists or forced to find other places to stay.  In order to give these children the attention and care that the need, The Salvation Army partnered with The Young Child Mental Health Collaborative, Wake County Smart Start and the John Rex Endowment to start Project CATCH, which works with 11 homeless shelters and programs in the area to ensure that they are able to correctly identify and address the needs of the children in their care. 

North Carolina State University professor, Dr. Mary Haskett, recently published an article in the Journal of Families in Society discussing the benefits of Project CATCH. Read the article "Community Action Targeting Children Who Are Homeless (CATCH): Addressing the Mental Health and Developmental of Children Experiencing Homelessness" here. 

During its first year in 2011/2012,

      · 353 Children were referred to Project CATCH, including 35 referrals from social

        workers in the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) and 318 referrals

        from 11 Project CATCH agency partners;

      · 300 children received developmental and psychosocial assessments and


      · 244 children received case management support; and

      · 722 referrals were made to community partners for mental health, early

       education, Head Start, medical assistance and daycare.


What Project CATCH Does

Meet the Project CATCH Staff