Toast Of The Town

You are invited to join us in an evening of laughter and jabs as we salute Kathy Dunleavy, President and CEO of The Mary Black Foundation. The event will be held on Thursday, April 23rd at the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium. Toast of the Town is a benefit that honors outstanding members of Spartanburg community.

All proceeds raised support the youth programs at The Salvation Army Corps Community Center of Spartanburg County. These programs focus on at-risk youth, education, character building, fitness and health, and spiritualism. The Corps Community Center operates yearlong for the community through after-school, athletic, and summer camp programs.

“Roasters” for the evening will include Richard Dillard, Chris Steed, Ruth Cate, Tony Fisher, Tamela Spann, and Bill Barnet.  Dinner will be served at the event.

Kathy Dunleavy was chosen because of her legacy of consistently investing in others. Kathy understands the importance of creating a path of success to the youth in Spartanburg County through the investment of time, resources, and finances. Without the hard work, and passion of people like Kathy Dunleavy, programs like The Salvation Army wouldn't exist. Yet, we exist, because we care. The same passion is seen in Kathy as she persists in good will and  promotes health and wellness throughout our community. We honor Kathy for her heart of service.

 The passion and heart of Kathy can not be summed up in a bio nor can it be explained in words. Her heart and drive of helping others is far to deep to describe. Yet, it is seen when she visits facilities like The Salvation Army and smiles as she envisions the many lives being touched in a positive way. It is seen as she offers suggestions and resources to see facilities grow and flourish. Like a gardener, Kathy has an unique ability to see what others can not see. She has the gift and patience to nurture programs that many may have given up on. You see, a gardener has the boldness to invest in dirt; a necessity that most people overlook. We have seen Kathy's gardener-like characteristics with her tenure at United Way as she invested and partnered with organizations throughout the Upstate. We continue to see her heart for service as she promotes healthy living and focuses on Early Child Development with The Mary Black Foundation. Join us as we celebrate the service of Kathy Dunleavy and raise funds for disadvantaged youth in Spartanburg County.  For more information and ticket sales, please contact The Salvation Army at (864) 576-6670, ext. 104 or visit our website at


“The Toast of the Town event is more than a fundraiser. It’s an event that will help raise funds to support programs that help shape and save children’s lives. We foster programs that encourage lasting change with a foundation built on love & God.”- Captain Donnie Marvels

What Is The Toast of The Town?

“The Toast of the Town event is more than a fundraiser. It’s an event that will help raise funds to support programs that help shape and save children’s…

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