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Programs That Help

During his ministry on Earth, Jesus put a premium on helping those in need. He taught his followers they will be expected to provide food for the hungry, and to give clothes to those who are without.   Everywhere He went, He healed people from sickness and restored them to health.  He gave instructions that those with two coats should be willing to share one with somebody who has none at all. He said, "Remember the poor, for they will be with you always."

In considering these teachings, one might say that Jesus was heavily involved in social service.  The various social service programs of The Salvation Army are an effort to spread the love of Jesus by helping those who are in need.

The Salvation Army strives to be timely and efficient as it examines and addresses needs within a community. It continues to seek ways to change people's lives by elevating the human spirit through the gift of Christian love. We lift people up - get them on their feet - help them grow in all dimensions of life.