Center of Hope

Shelter to Success Program

The Salvation Army Center of Hope can provide 36 single women, 20 men, and 10 families with emergency shelter. 

The goal of the Shelter to Success Program is to identify each reason for homelessness, target the problem, then stabilize the situation so that the resident can work towards self-sufficiency.  The first 30 days of the program are an initial probationary period.  Participants are expected to adhere to all shelter guidelines and make positive first steps toward self-sufficiency as directed by their case manager.  At the end of this initial 30-day period, participant's progress will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Those found compliant will continue with the program. 

Participants who continue past the initial 30-day probationary period will continue their probationary period for 90 days.  During this time they are expected to find and/or maintain employment, participate in life skills training classes, save relative income, and meet regularly with their assigned case manager.  Case Management will work with families during this time to formulate educational and/or training goals, employment plans, financial budgeting plans, and family parenting goals.

At the satisfactory completion of the 90-day period, participants who have achieved the established goals will be considered "shelter stabilized".  In order to move to this level of the program, participants must demonstrate a willingness to be active, positive members of the community, interested in both giving and receiving peer support, motivated to make realistic changes in their lives, and amenable to community living and being supportive of other participants. At least one parent in the family must be employed and working at least 35 hours per week.  At this level, Case Management will continue to work with individuals and families to formulate educational and/or training goals, employment plans, financial budgeting plans, and family parenting goals but the major service focus will then turn to the location and acquisition of permanent or long-term housing based on the needs and barriers of each participant.

Once the individual or family has succeeded into permanent housing, continuum of care will be provided for an additional six months.

An extensive, goal oriented program is set up for each family or individual with intensive case management.  Participants are expected to involve themselves fully by keeping their living space clean, finding steady employment, and seeking counseling.

Services provided are

  • Warm, balanced meals served each day
  • Bag lunch
  • Single bed in a 4 bed suite
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Laundry rooms
  • Life-skills training
  • Substance abuse education and counseling
  • Transportation assistance
  • Case Management
  • Self-help and therapeutic groups
  • Educational supportive services
  • Computer and Internet training
  • Access to computers for e-mail and job searches
  • Immediate referrals for crisis intervention
  • Clothing vouchers
  • Comprehensive goal setting and planning
  • Access to telephone to make and receive calls

Eligibility Requirements for Shelter

  • Must be homeless (using HUD definition) specific documentation is required
  • Be at least 18 years of age unless accompanied by a legal guardian
  • Possess proper and valid ID
  • Living on the street (applicant must provide written statement in his/her own words)
  • Referral from a shelter or another agency
  • Referral from transitional housing agency (verification of client status and reason for discharge)
  • Discharge from health related agency and lacks resources (verification of discharge)
  • Eviction and lacks resources (provide original eviction notice)
  • Institutionalized longer than 30 days and was released without resources (verification of discharge)


You must bring with you -

  • A current, valid picture ID or driver’s license
  • Social Security Cards for all household members
  • Eviction notice (if applicable)
  • Pay stubs and/or any other proof of income (disability, SSI, child support)

NOTE: Shelter intake process will take at least 1 hour.  Please be prepared to wait.

Contact us at (336)273-5572
The Salvation Amy - Center of Hope
1311 S. Eugene Street
Greensboro, NC 27406