Christmas Assistance

Christmas Assistance sign ups will be hosted by appointment only at our Center of Hope in August through September (Important note: our application process could conclude earlier if we secure all our applications). Our sign ups will close October 1st.

Appointments will be held on Tuesdays & Thursdays at the Center of Hope located at 1311 S Eugene Street. Call 336.273.5572 Option 5 / Extension 368 . Important note: Individuals will only be seen by appointment.

For individuals who have received assistance for the past 3 consecutive years will need to attend one of our Financial Literacy classes held every third Wednesday of the month (8/16 & 9/20) at the Center of Hope. You must attend the class prior to setting an appointment for Christmas Assistance. Call 336.235.0345 to sign up for a class. An application cannot be completed until the Financial Literacy class is attended.

Things to bring to the Christmas Assistance Appointment: Children's birth certificate, only a parent/guardian who is listed on the birth certificate may register the children, income documentation, expense documentation (budget / copy of bills), children's wish list (note: we do not register children's clothing, if you need clothing for your children you can receive a voucher for free clothing - click here for more information). Must be a Guilford County resident.

Gift Pick Up: It is important that the person who registered the children for assistance pick up the gifts at the assigned time on the pick-up card. This individual is the only authorized person to pick up the gifts - only rare exceptions are allowed. It is critically important you keep your pick-up card issued to you.

To schedule an appointment

Contact us at 336.273.5572 Option 5 / Extension 368

Appointment Address: Center of Hope

1311 S Eugene Street Greensboro NC