Food Pantry

In times of economic uncertainty, there are individuals and families who cannot afford the necessities of  The Salvation Army has a stocked food pantry, which provides those in need with the necessary staples.  Each family member is eligible to receive food assistance.  Individuals are eligible to receive food assistance every three months.

Appointments are scheduled every Thursday afternoon from 1:00-4:30pm by calling (919) 688-7306.

Interested in Volunteering? 

The Salvation Army is currently developing a fully volunteer run food pantry to optimize the number of families we are able to provide food.  We have several opportunities available, Monday through Thursday from 9:00am-12:00pm!

Food Pantry Director – The food pantry director will work alongside the Volunteer Coordinator to oversee the operations of the food pantry.  The director will make sure there are enough bags prepared, and if not, will either make them or ask one of the volunteers to make the bags.  The director will also oversee the state of the food pantry, is it clean, does food need to be sorted, etc.  *May serve as an internship opportunity.

Food Pantry Distribution Volunteer – We are in need of several food pantry distribution volunteers to help us interview families for food and give it to them as they need it.  These volunteers will be highly trained and held to high standards of integrity, as they will be handling potentially sensitive information.  These volunteers will interview the families, determine the need and give them the food.  We ask that you be able to commit to one day a week for the duration of your volunteer time.

Food Pantry Volunteer – The food pantry is always needing bags made, food sorted and shelves stocked.  We need volunteers to help us make sure that we keep everything neat and organized for the families who come in needing food assistance.  You can choose the days and times you volunteer, as well as the frequency.

Food Drive Volunteer – Interested in hosting a food drive?  We are always in need of food to give to families in need.  If you are interested in hosting a food drive, please contact The Salavation Army Office.