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Durham, Orange, and Person Counties

Youth Volunteer Opportunities

The Boys and Girls Club is a great way to get involved with The Salvation Army.  The children we serve are very energetic and love the attention they receive from volunteers.  The children’s families pay a small fee of $10 a child for the entire year.  This means that we always need volunteers to help us execute the programs we have in place.  We serve a children from the ages of 5 to 17.  We have different programs based on the age, please see the options below for ways you can get involved with the youth of our community!  Please note, if you choose to volunteer in the Boys and Girls Club, there will be two volunteer applications to fill out: Safe From Harm Guidelines for Adults Working with Children, and the volunteer application.  You will also be subject to a background check so we can ensure the safety of the children in our club.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Power Hour- Monday through Thursday from 4:30-6:30, power hour is a time for kids with homework to receive help and tutoring on the problems they may have with the homework assigned to them at school.  This is for kids of all ages but you can choose the day, time and age group you help with.

Smart Moves – Wednesday evenings from 5:00-6:00 we have this age defined program, ranging from 6-15, to help children with healthy decision making on topics such as alcohol, drugs, values, sex, morals, values and other things they may come into contact with.  Each age group has their own curriculum so that it is appropriate for the children in the group and the things they may be experiencing.

Teen Program – Monday through Thursday afternoons from 4:30-6:00 we have a program for teenagers in our club to help them with their resumes and career launch programs so they can either go to college or get a job after high school.  This is a web-based program, so knowledge of computers is helpful.

Sports – Monday through Friday afternoons we have several different sports offered to the kids in the club, each meeting at varying times.  The sports we offer include: basketball, cheerleading, baseball, flag football and soccer.

Keystone Club –.  Keystone Club is a leadership program for teens led by volunteer advisors who help to coach the students in their development of leadership skills.  One day a month, usually Saturdays, the group goes out into the community to volunteer their time with various organizations.  We do not currently have a meeting time because we do not have a leader for this program so it can be scheduled according to the volunteer’s preference.