Flowers of Hope


This program is designed to engage our community in a different way and spread joy, love and kindness throughout Durham, Orange, and Person counties. Our Flowers of Hope program will bring together unused flowers, donated vases, local volunteers and will result in our ability to share love through flower bouquets.  Each week volunteers will come together at The Salvation Army twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) to create beautiful flower bouquets. These bouquets will then be delivered, by volunteers, to unsuspecting recipients, such as assisted living communities, Ronald McDonald House, hospitals, and many other locations. We have already established partnerships with several locations and they too are excited about this opportunity.  

Our mission is to simply put a smile on someone's face through random acts of kindness. A family coming back to the Ronald McDonald House after a long day at the hopsital, an elderly person who has not had a recent visitor, a homeless family finding refuge at the Genesis Home.  These are just a few examples of our Flowers of Hope Program.

This is designed to be a year round program, so we are always looking for volunteers, donations, or locations to receive bouquets.  If you are interested in participating in this program, please feel free to contact us.  

Flowers of Hope with Ronald McDonald House